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Outdoor gardening is usually the first dig for any gardener. Be it herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits, or nuts, you will find what you need for a successful crop here. In ground, raised bed, and container gardens all flourish outdoor when provided with the essentials. Soil and soil-less mediums can be used. There are many questions answered and articles about growing successfully outdoors on the FAQ and NEWS pages. If you are considering an outdoor garden start (link). If you have a garden and are interested in (link), start here (link). If you are considering an outdoor hydroponics system start here.

Digging in the dirt (planting in soil), building raised beds and container gardening are all good methods of producing a bountiful crop, however hydroponics is considered by many to be the most efficient method of producing a consistent and bountiful crop. Often people use hydroponics outdoors for the most efficient and effective lighting available, the sun. There are many factors that play into the success of an outdoor hydroponics garden; temperature is often the most formidable. Temperature, disease, and pests must all be addressed. Keeping the temperature of your nutrient solution in an ideal range for plant growth can be difficult without the right equipment or arrangement, and pests can overrun an outdoor garden if not attended to.

We offer two solutions to address temperature, geothermal and electric cooling. Burying your reservoir is the easiest way for most people to keep their solution in the optimal temperature range. Those who need a little extra cooling may opt for an electric chiller.

Regardless of the assault you are experiencing by disease or pest we have the solutions here. If you have any questions or specific concerns please contact us or take part in the (link).