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Indoor gardening offers the gardener an element of control, environmental control. This includes the control of temperature, pests, airborne particulates, and light.

When considering an indoor garden the first three questions to ask are; what do I want to grow, how much space do I have, how much money am I willing to spend. Please contact us directly for assistance or a personal response, or go to our forum and FAQ page for interactive information. The answers to these questions as well as others will help you decide which direction to go. The answer to the first question, the crop you want to produce, usually initiates your direction toward a method of production. All mediums can be used successfully to produce a quality crop, from a drain through soil pot, like many houseplants are in to a recirculating aeroponic system. Certain crops may have proven to be successful in a certain type of arrangement. We can help prevent the error of a failed tomato crop in an NFT system designed for leafy greens. The answer to the second question may help selecting the method of production as well. Supplemental lighting can greatly improve the quality and consistency of your crop. If you are considering supplemental lighting there are many options, and the answer to the third question may help you decide. We hope that your indoor gardening experience is a joy and a success; we want to help you grow fresh by providing the support direction and products you need.